10 practical ways to help us

Coventry Cat Group is a small local charity run by volunteers to help abandoned and stray cats in and around Coventry.  As with most charities at the moment we constantly battle with lack of funds and volunteers!

 practical ways that you can support us are listed below! Any help, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated 🙂

1) Become a Member of Coventry Cat Group! Just £5 per year. Click on the ‘Donate’ tab above for more information.

2) Donating spare itemsdo you have any spare cat related items such as pens, scratching posts, carriers that we can use for our foster cats?  Having a Clearout? We need your Bric-a-Brac! Unwanted Gifts? Raffle prizes? Please donate them to us!

3) Shop Online  at Pets at Home / Easy Fundraising / Vets at Home and help to raise funds for us http://www.coventrycatgroup.org.uk/help-us/shop-online-and-help-us

4) Fundraising http://www.coventrycatgroup.org.uk/help-us/fund-raising Can you help us with any fundraising events that we run, or could you organise a fundraising event to raise funds for us? If you enjoy taking part in half-marathons, for example, could you raise funds for us next time? Remember that if you take part in a sponsored event and ask people to gift aid their donations, we can claim back 25% extra!

5) Fostering a cat or kittens in your own home http://www.coventrycatgroup.org.uk/help-us/fostering-2 We need people to foster adult cats, or mums and kittens, or people who can look after older cats who are unlikely to be adopted. We also need emergency fosterers who will have cats for a short time until a pen is available or while a fosterer is on holiday.

6) Gardening and / or DIY. Can you spare some time to help to maintain the grounds at our Centre, or the Centre building? Could you do occasional repairs?

7) Drivers. Do you drive and have a valid driving licence? Could you help us with vet visits, taking and collecting cats for vaccinations, microchipping and neutering / spaying? (you need a car with space for one or two cat carriers)

8)  Volunteering. Could you do some admin work for us, help with home visits, shop for food / litter, help on a regular basis to clean and muck out the pens (eg one morning per week – approx. 3 hours), help de-worm / de-flea / groom the cats, to meet visitors at the centre (like a ‘reception duty’) on a Saturday….. the list goes on….. we especially need building help at the moment, and someone to install a kitchen and bathroom in the rental unit!

9)  Cat socialising. Do you have time to help socialise some of the cats and kittens in our care so that they are ready for rehoming? Or a regular hour every week?

10) Spread the word about responsible cat ownership – if you know of anyone looking for a cat or kitten, please encourage them to go to a rescue centre rather than buying a cat online or from unofficial breeders. If you know of anyone with a cat or kitten, please encourage them to have their cats neutered, chipped and vaccinated. We cannot stress enough the importance of these three things!

If you can make a financial donation to support our work, or want to give a Gift Certificate as a gift to someone, please view our donate page.

All Volunteers need to be at least 16 years of age 
Email Volunteer Co-ordinator


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