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Coventry is lucky to have a very good Petsearch helpline. If you have lost or found a cat please telephone the Cat helpline on 01676 542225. Please note this is a voluntary service so you may have to leave a message.


The best way to ensure your cat will be returned to you is to have him/her microchipped. This is a simple procedure where a microchip is implanted in the scruff of the neck by injection. All vet surgeries will do this and it costs between £15and £25. The microchip details are stored on a national database. Each chip contains a unique number that can be read by a scanner. Ensure you receive you documents back from the microchip company when it is implanted, keep them safe and then make sure you update the details when you move so that you can be contacted.

We now offer this service and will come to your house in Coventry for a fee of £12.

If you have lost your cat and informed Petsearch then there are things you can do to try and find your cat.

Search the area around the place where you last saw your pet and places that the animal knows. Remember to search your house thoroughly in case he/she has gone into hiding, and once searched – search again!

Check with neighbours that the cat has not been locked up in sheds and garages. If you have a photo of your cat and access to a computer make up some leaflets and post to houses within a quarter of a mile or so. Give copies to people working in the area such as newspaper delivery, milkman. Someone might have posted up a found notice in the local shops. If you offer a small reward then you will get the children looking as well!
Posters can also be placed in local shops or on lampposts but do remember to get these removed once the cat is back.

Below is a list of other useful people to contact

Cats Protection 02476 251491
Cat Action Trust 02476 347738
All local Vets (Check in phone book)
Coventry Street Cleansing (Animals from roads) 0500 834333
Media – Advertise in the Coventry telegraph and contact local radio stations. Also keep checking the lost and found column in the Coventry Evening Telegraph.

Facebook lost and found pets pages
Internet – National pet register http://www.nationalpetregister.org

If you are worried about putting you own contact details on the poster then you can use our details if you contact us first – sometimes people get upsetting hoax phone calls.

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Don’t assume a new cat in your garden is lost. It may be a new cat to your area. Only feed a ‘stray’ cat if it is not leaving your garden and is obviously getting thinner as you should not encourage the cat.

If the animal is sick or injured then it is a priority to get it treated. Call the RSPCA or take the animal to the PDSA or vets.

Inform Petsarch.

A lot of cats are microchipped as people do not like putting collars on cats due to the possibilty of a cat getting caught or injured. If possible take the animal to a vet to be scanned

If you believe you have found a cat then first of all try to find the owner locally. Put up notices in the shops, put a collar on the cat with your contact details on the inside (or change the collar but keep the original one to help identification). A collar can be made with a strip of thin paper (the edge of an old newspaper is ideal) and a bit of cellotape – if the collar falls off then replace with another one!
If the cat is returning home then this will prompt the owner to contact you.

Please bear in mind that it is likely that all cat rescues are full and if the owner does not come forward then contact the rescues to ask that the cat be put on their waiting lists. Alternatively think about offering to keep the cat until the rescue can find a new home for it. We are happy to put the details up on our website.

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To report a dead cat or to enquire about a cat who you think has been in an RTA please contact Coventry Council’s Street Services. They keep the bodies until the following Thursday before disposal.

Customer Services – open 8am–8pm Mon to Fri, and 9am–1pm Sat. Excluding bank holidays.
Email: coventrydirect@coventry.gov.uk
Tel: 0500 834 333
Fax: 024 7629 4413
Mobile friendly 024 7683 4333
Emergency out-of-hours 024 7683 2222

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