Our ‘Golden Oldies’

We have a number of ‘Golden Oldies’ – cats who cannot be homed due to their age or medical issues. Click here to meet them! http://www.coventrycatgroup.org.uk/our-golden-oldies/meet-our-golden-oldies/

If you can help to ‘sponsor’ one of these cats (helping towards their food and vets bills), or if you would like to make a donation towards their care, please click here http://www.coventrycatgroup.org.uk/donate-new/sponsor-a-golden-oldie


The beautiful words below were penned by the lady who looks after 7 of our older cats. We hope you enjoy reading them.

“There can be fewer sad sights for  cat lovers than the elderly cat in a basket, sitting in a hallway, having just arrived, with bed, food bowls and remains of their food from their previous home. Usually it is because their beloved friend and carer, often since birth, has died or gone into a home and can no longer keep them. They sit forlorn looking and confused as to why they are here. They are here because unfortunately, there is no where else to go.

I have cared for the elderly of all kinds ( people, dogs, cats), during my life. But the reward you get from an elderly cat is great. They soon adjust to their circumstances. Whatever current thinking is, you would be surprised at how a cat “not used to other cats so must be placed on own” adapts to lots of other cats. More often than not they end up sleeping in a pile of others by the fire. If not there are a number of private beds to curl up in.

You see, when you discover that most of the people prepared to give an old cat a home, are rarely without others, there is very little choice.
Most of my cats next visit would have been the final trip to the vet. All older cats need is understanding. Fuss, food, warmth, privacy when required, and a tray to save them having to get their  tired paws dirty. Most importantly, a dignified parting at the end.

They sleep lots.
Sometimes you wouldn’t know they existed.
Oddly cats whose carer has died or gone into a home seem to adapt more quickly.
Whether they know and accept, even though it is not uncommen for them to mourn for a period of time, no-one knows.
The ones who are given up for whatever reason;
They didn’t match the carpet in the new home, or sofa, yes, it happens.
They want a new “kitten” for the children.
They don’t want a tray and senior won’t go outside to pee.
They are moving abroad, often “TODAY”.
They are starting to be ill with age related, and often very treatable, problems.
Well these cats seem to take longer. They somehow know they have been deserted.

Cats often do not like being split up. Even if they don’t appear to have much to do with each other, a relationship has usually been formed. A tale to illustrate this; Two elderly strays, unneutered, left by students, my neighbours informed me, when I moved in. Both were promptly “done” and moved into my house. Both seemed to loath each other. Waiting to pounce behind trees, top of garage, round corners. Although they never appeared to like each other, a truce was forged. Charlie died. Jasper was inconsolable. He waited every day on the garage, watching for him.
He lost weight, he did want much to eat. My vet was totally foxed. He really couldn’t believe Jasper was mourning but could find nothing wrong.
Eventually, he addmitted that Jasper must be depressed. After 6 months, he recovered in every way. He had missed his sparring partner.

What I do know is that these cats still have a tremendous amount to give, often years to live and have remarkable characters.
My home is a forever home for my cats, I do not move them on. They are my family.
If you are thinking of aquiring a cat, please consider an older one, “ready made” as they say.
If you are considering giving “senior” up because it’s not fair on him on his own for long periods or such like, please remember… they are not like us.

They are more accepting of their lot and seeing you once a day and sleeping, dozing, eating, sitting in the sun in their familiar home is better for them than losing you.

 I have no doubt in mind that the people who give them up for this reason, truely love their cats.

But you see, they truly love you, and what you give them is often better than the alternative.”

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