If you are looking for a new cat or kitten, please look at the following two pages before contacting us via the email links on this site:

Important information about our 6-step adoption process: https://www.coventrycatgroup.org.uk/adoption/the-adoption-process

The Cats that are currently available for adoption:  https://www.coventrycatgroup.org.uk/adoption/cats-for-adoption

If you are looking for a new cat please consider adopting from a rescue such as ours, rather than buying a cat or kitten privately or online. By buying a cat in this way, you are only encouraging a growing number of people who allow their cats to have kittens as a way of making money. Some of these people have no care for the cats and the increasing numbers of cats that are homeless across the country are testing all rescues. Some of these cats will have behaviour or health problems and you will have no back up in case of problems.

10 reasons to adopt a senior cat