Could you offer a ‘forever home’ to one of our cats or kittens?

Below is a list of all the cats currently available for adoption.

All of our cats are neutered, vaccinated and chipped prior to homing, and all use their litter trays.

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Simba, Effie & Tigger(CCG 1957/56/61)
Special Home Needed
Tigger, Effie and Simba are siblings who are looking for a quiet, patient, indoor home together.
They are playful, gentle cats but are still wary and require a home where they can grow in confidence .
We are sure the right home is out there for these beauties , with someone who has knowledge of shy cats and is willing to put in the time and love to see them flourish.
If you think you have the perfect home for these gorgeous house tigers please fill in an enquiry form.
Please note they need to be homed together as bonded siblings, in a child free home. They are very sociable so would get on with a gentle natured resident cat /cats after proper introductions.

Please click on the Adoption Enquiry Form to enquire about Simba, Effie & Tigger.

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Mr Chas and Miss Suggs.

Forever Home Needed.

These beauties are Mr Chas and Miss Suggs.

They came in together from The Specials Colony , they are not siblings but are definitely related. Mr Chas is a total lovebug, when he’s not weaving around your legs he is rolling around the cat tree for cuddles. Miss Suggs is still very shy but we feel with Chas’ lead and in the right home, she would soon blossom into a more confident cuddle loving girl.

These beauties require an indoor home or home with a cat safe garden or catio. They get along with everyone at the centre so we don’t forsee any issues with other cats as long as correct introductions are followed. A nice calm home would suit them perfectly.

For more information please fill in an enquiry form 

Please click on the Adoption Enquiry Form to enquire about Mr Chas and Miss Suggs.

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Beautiful  Hebe and Ilea are looking for their forever home together. These boys are absolutely adorable. They are shy initially but both love fusses once they know you, in fact Hebe demands them.

They require a indoor home or home with a catio or cat safe garden . They would be fine with other gentle cats ( after proper introductions) and older calm children.

Hebe requires daily grooming ( which he loves) so potential owners need to have time every day to do this.

If you feel you have the perfect home for these adorable boys, please follow the link below.

Please click on the Adoption Enquiry Form to enquire about Hebe & Ilea.

With Fosterer

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PLEASE neuter your cats so that you don’t add to the current kitten overpopulation problem! We receive enquiries every week to take in unwanted / abandoned kittens and we just don’t have any more space – our centre pens and foster places are currently all full. All cats and kittens leaving our care are neutered / spayed, chipped, vaccinated, wormed and de-flea’d and come with an up-to-date Vet card and Adoption paperwork.

Please note that with regard to the adoption of kittens…. we will normally not rehome to –

Homes on or near busy roads. Homes where there is no safe garden for the cat to escape to. Kittens to homes with children under five years old. Kittens to homes where there is no-one at home all day. Rented properties unless we have a letter of confirmation from the landlord to say that cats are allowed at the property. We also prefer to home kittens in pairs ….


Ginge – an independent boy, who is very confident. Loves our German Shepherd, who although they both reside in different parts of the house, Ginge definitely makes a bee line for him. He seems to see no danger and has a tendency to try to eat anything even though he is fed regularly. He likes to play with the little spring toys and can be seen carrying them around sometimes. I think we have to find an indoor home for him, as he is always into mischief. He likes taps, we have just discovered, and playing with water coming out of them.

Please click on the Adoption Enquiry Form to enquire about Ginge

With Fosterer

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