December 2023 update

CCG Christmas shut Down 10/12/2023 – 03/01/2024 Reopen 04/01/2024

During this time, we will be looking after all our gorgeous cats and kittens in our care and we look forward to being able to open our doors again.

Please do not complete an adoption enquiry form, these will not be acted on and you will need to resubmit a form when we reopen.

We wish all our supporters a wonderful and safe holiday and please follow us on facebook etc for regular updates on our furbabies.

October 2023 update

Please note our homing officer will be unable to respond to adoption forms until wc 16/10/23

September 2023 update

Our Summer Fayre is on September 17th 2023 from 1-4. Please message us on Facebook if you need the address. We would love to see you there!

December 2020 update

CCG Christmas shut Down 01/12/2020 – 03/01/2021 Reopen 04/01/2021

 We have taken the decision to close slightly earlier for all new enquiries and adoptions until the new year.

We have had to make the decision to close early as we have been finding it difficult to get our cats and kittens into the vets for their vaccinations and neutering.  This has been due to the extraordinary times that we all find ourselves in.  

During this time, we will be looking after all our gorgeous cats and kittens in our care and we look forward to being able to open our doors again.

Please do not complete an adoption enquiry form, these will not be acted on and you will need to resubmit a form when we reopen.

We wish all our supporters a wonderful and safe holiday and please follow us on facebook etc for regular updates on our furbabies.

June 2020 update

Covid 19 response – Updated

We are now open to adoptions with safety restrictions in place.

March 2020 update

Covid 19 response

After reviewing all the current information and the guidelines in place, CCG has taken the decision to suspend all home visits and close the centre to visitors for the next 21 days.
We will be reviewing this regularly as advice seems to change very quickly.
I hope that you understand that we have a responsibility to keep our volunteers safe and to not put them at risk.
Do not worry, our furry residents will continue to be cared for during these uncertain times.
Thank you for understanding and if you would like to help us in any way, please follow the link below.

August 2019 update

Open day 2019

December 2018 update

We will be closed for adoptions from 15th December and will reopen on 1st January. You can still fill in an adoption enquiry but these will be dealt with in the new year. Thanks

Nov 2018 update

2018 Xmas fayre


Aug 2018 update



May 2018 update
Huge thank you to Sticker Printing Direct for the generous offer of free banners and stickers for the charity!


January 2018 update
We are now open to adoptions after the Christmas break and have added some lovely new cats to the homing page.


December 2017 update

We will be closed for adoptions from 15th December and will reopen on 1st January. You can still fill in an adoption enquiry but these will be dealt with in the new year. Thanks


November 2017 update
Our Christmas Fayre Open Day will be on Sunday December 3rd, they’ll be lots of stalls, a raffle, tombola, lots of cake and a chance to buy some lovely gifts. This is always a great day and a popular event that gives us the chance to meet our brilliant supporters face to face, we hope to see you there.


July 2017 update
Our Summer Open Day will be on Sunday September 3rd, they’ll be lots of stalls, a raffle, tombola, lots of cake and a chance to meet some of our lovely residents. This is always a great day and a popular event that gives us the chance to meet our brilliant supporters face to face, more details to follow but we hope to see you there.


May 2017 update
We are now on Instagram, follow us at coventry_cat_group


January 2017 update
Happy New Year, we are now open again for adoption enquiries.


December 2016 update

Due to Christmas being a very busy and stressful time of year for new pets, we are closed to re-homing any cats between Sunday 11th of December and Monday 2nd of January.

Please feel free to complete an adoption form if you are interested in any of the cats available, but the re-homing process itself will not restart until the new year.

All of our volunteers will be working hard and giving extra cuddles to the cats in residence over the Christmas period.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and to wish you a very happy Christmas from everyone at Coventry Cat Group.

December 2016 update


August 2016 update

Open day

Fantastic news: We have been awarded a grant of £20000.00 from Support for adoption for pets to build an isolation unit.

February 2015 update

You can now follow us on Twitter @CovCatGroup

We are also subscribed to JUSTGIVING’s free text donation service. To donate by text message CCGR01 £1 to 70070 to donate £1 (or more!)

October 2014 update

Our new monthly e-newsletter is now up and running!! To subscribe, please click here

June 2014 update

Please vote for us in the Support Adoption for Pets £50,000 grant award. There are 10 up for grabs as part of their celebration landmark of raising £10,000,000

Vote Now!

April 2014 update

We have moved the date of our AGM to Friday 30th May. If any Coventry Cat Group members would like to attend would you please let Angie know:

February 2014 update

Cynthia Smith Chair 1997 – 2011. Photo Taken at her home in 2000.

It is with much sadness that we announce that Cynthia Smith, one of our founders and ex-chair died Feb 8th peacefully in her own home. Cynthia was a well known character working tirelessly for the group until about 3 years ago into her late 80’s. Another party going on at the Rainbow Bridge!

Cynthia was never well enough to visit us at the centre to see what we have been doing with Di’s place, they were firm friends for many years.

We like to think of them both together , having a soiree with tea and cakes and a good moan about the state of the garden. No doubt they will be keeping a eye on us.

January 2014 update

Happy new year! Work continues on site with the storage sheds.
The Big Give Xmas challenge was reached so thank you to all that donated.

Decembers newsletter is now available on the dropdown on the news section.

31st August 2013 – Garden Party/Homing/Fundraising Event

This month sees the anniversary of Di’s return to her home as we scattered her ashes there last August.
Therefore, we have decided to have a garden party on Sat 31st August between 2 and 5pm as a celebration of Di Williams and her legacy and the work we have currently managed to complete. We are about half way through the project now, the pens are up and already occupied or spoken for (didn’t take long!).  We have invited other local animal charities to attend so there will be stalls, raffles and cats to look at.

August 2013 update

Well the pens are up and full (or reserved) already! We are busy trying to organise a garden party for the end of the month. Lots of tidying in the garden.

July 2013 update

May saw a tenant move in to the bungalow as half of it was made habitable again. Work continues on the rest of the building.

Hot off the press – July 2nd saw the concrete finally arrive for the pen bases.

We now have to be patient and wait for the concrete to cure and then lay the epoxy resin floor and the we can get the pens put up (Oh happy days!)

In the meantime Graham Stanley has repaired the old triple pen and we will shortly be helping with a small feral colony.

Sorry we are not updating the website as often as we used to. For more current information please look for our facebook page which is updated daily.
April 2013 update

Work has continued between bouts of bad weather and all the pens have been demolished except for the triple which we hope to save. Now that the weather is warmer, we are hoping that we can get the base for the pens built and have some pens ready for use by the end of June.

Internally, we have done more work that we thought with double glazing, insulation, rewire, kitchen and bathroom and are grateful to our builder Phil Hinson and of course all the volunteers.

The AGM will be held at the centre so that interested members can have a look around.

January 2013 update

We are now finalising plans for the first stage of development to our bungalow. This first stage involves repair work to the bungalow following a burst pipe in December and work to make half of the bungalow a livable space. We are having a trustee meeting to approve and agree on the work that needs doing.
Hopefully this stage will be completed in the next 2-3 months.

The second stage will be to plan what pens we want and where we wish to put them. We have decided to start with a few pens and ease ourselves into the process of having a “centre” for the rescue. It also helps financially in that we develop and raise funds as an ongoing process.
With this also comes our decisions on how we best improve the rest of the bungalow and finally discussions on possiblilties on long term development plans.

A new centre 2012!

In May 2012 we have heard that we have been left a house in a will. The lady who left us the house has been actively involved in Rescue over the years and wanted her home to be used as a rescue.
The garden is perfect, and as you can see from the photos below already have 24 old pens that have been used for boarding cats over the years.

We have set up a Big Give project at A New Rescue Centre which gives more information and you can also leave a donation (minimum £5).

If you can help us in practical ways please get in touch. The house also needs work doing to it. The probate process has been a long frustrating time but hopeefully will be finished soon. For ongoing updates please check out our facebook group “friends of Coventry Cat Group Centre” on the links!

Help with Centre
Email Trustees

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2011 Annual General meeting Fri 11th March 2012 at 7-30pm

An invitation to all members to attend the AGM. Please contact us for details of the location.

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First Animal Action Day 20th Feb Jubilee Crescent Community Hall

A celebrity cat was seen wandering around Jubilee Crescent to promote the first of our Animal Action Days on Monday 20th Feb from Noon till 6pm. Microchipping and neutering vouchers to be had from the Coventry Animal charities (RSPCA, Cats Protection , Cat Action Trust and ourselves!).
With us already having 3 pregnant strays in, it it going to be even harder this year to cope with the demands of the Coventry Stray and we are hoping that more people will get behind our neutering message this year.

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30 January 2012 – Early start to year first newborns

Here are the first kittens of 2012 in the group, in all their glory.

Mum came to us in Mid January, a heavily pregnant stray.

The ginger one was born naturally about 9 am on sunday 29th Jan and the ginger and white (dare I say looks a bit fluffy!) by c-section at teatime. Mum had stopped contracting totally, despite vet giving her injection at lunchtime.

I`m so glad we decided to intervene as the vet said she was not sure when mum would start again, if at all, so we could have lost both mum and baby. Thank goodness we took her in and were able to be there for her.

Not the best photo, but they were only hours old and it was late and dark by the time they got back. Mum kept walking towards the camera so none of her any good!

Mum and babies doing well, very quiet and content kittens and mum eating like a horse! Mum leaving stitches alone and very happy for me to fuss her and check all is well.

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December 2011 newsletter now loaded – link appears if you hover over the news tab above

Wishing everyone a merry chrismas and happy new year.

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Purrs in our Hearts Christmas Auction to raise funds for Covcats

Purr have raised over £1800 for us with their auction this year – how fantastic is that? Our thanks go to them all!

Purrsinourhearts forum

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Animal Action Day 25th June 2011 at Henley Green Residents Fair

Coventry Cat Group, RSPCA and Cats protection will be at the Henley Green Summer Fete Luscombe Rd, CV2 1AQ from 1pm until 4pm on Saturday 25th June. We are offering pet advice, free microchipping and neutering assistance. Please tell everyone you know!

Fete 2011

This little family have just come in and we are now CLOSED for intake. We only managed to get these in because of an appeal on the radio to which Sarah replied.
Sorry, there are just too many cats for us to cope with and this is why the animal action days are so important. If you really can’t afford to have your cats neutered please contact us to discuss a voucher. details on contact page.

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Animal Action Day 16th June 2011 at Canley Community Centre

A busy day was had by us, Cats Protection and the RSPCA in Canley Community Centre. We mets lots of people and animals. Figures not in as to how many animals were chipped and neuterings booked.

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Next event is at the Henley Green Residents Association Summer Fete, Luscombe Road on Saturday 25th June between 1 and 4pm. Once again we will be offering microchipping and neutering for dogs, cats and rabbits. Follow the link to see the details.

Fete 2011

If you can’t make any of our planned events this year, for the month of June the RSPCA are offering microchipping for £5 at their Centre at Coundon Wedge.

YOURVET in Herald Avenue are offering a vaccination amnesty ALL year. If you animal is over 18 months old and has never been vaccinated or the vaccinations have lapsed, YOURVET are offering the two vaccinations for the price of one. This is to help stop the spread of preventable viruses, especially parvo that are spreading through Coventry.

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10th June 2011

born yesterday to Snowball, Icicle and Frosty. Mum has a home already when the kittens are old enough.

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5th June 2011
We have recently squeezed in a few more pregnant cats and will have a lot of kittens to home over the next 3 months.

This is what makes the Animal Action Days we have organised so important.
These days are co-organised by ourselves, Cats Protect and the local RSPCA homing Centre and we will be offering micro-chipping and neutering vouchers for cats, dogs and rabbits as well as animal care advice.

The first event is at Canley Community Centre Prior Deram Walk on Thursday, 16th June from 12 noon until 6pm.
The second event is at the Henley Green Residents Association Summer fair on Saturday 25th June and the third Coventry event is on the 23rd July at the Stoke Community Centre BBQ.

We are also trying to arrange a day at the Stockingford Community Centre in Nuneaton.

Please spread the word! The more the merrier and hopefully next year there will be less homeless kittens.

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22th May 2011

Tina, who adopted one of our cats last year, took part in the London Marathon and has just presented us with a cheque for over £400.

So well done Tina and thank you for thinking about us!

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19th May 2011

Back by popular demand! The Kitten Cam.

Hazel was put onto ustream yesterday, Wednesday and gave birth to 5 kittens during the evening. They can be watched

As lovely as they are, thats another 5 to home in a world where, sadly, there are not enough homes to go round!

Our AGM is to be held tomorrow, open to all members.

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8th May 2011

May is National Pet Vaccination month. This means that is your animal is over 18 months old and has not been vaccinated for at least 18 months, you can start the course off for the price of 1 injection. Dogs, cats, rabbits and horse included in offer, though sadly for cats you will have to go outside the City.
Check out the following link and be sure to put the type on animal in the box below the map – it is set to dogs in the link!
Coventry vets

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7th May 2011

2 mums and 4 kittens taken in today. Photos will follow shortly in the homing section once we are happy that they are healthy and ready.

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5th May 2011

Kitten season has finally arrived in the group and we have some young’uns in, though not old enough to be homed yet. If you are interested in being added to our kitten list check out our adoption process page and then use the email link to contact us.

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1st April 2011

Sadly, not an April fools joke. We have done the finances for the year and last year made a loss of £15,000.

We also attended the magistrates court yesterday to watch the sentencing of Ryan Kieran and Richard Quirk – the louts that threw a kitten to their dogs. Ryan even had to climb a tree to catch the poor thing at one stage…… Karma and animal lovers in prison…….

Mog, the RTA has sadly had to have his leg removed after the pin failed to help. He is doing well, had his stitches out last week and will soon be ready to be put up for homing.

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26th February 2011

We have (almost!) decided to enter the Coventry Walkathon on the 15th May. This is to raise funds for Mogs treatment (and partly to get me fit!). The vet bills are not in yet but with emergency care on the night, the xrays and op, the bill HAS to be over £800, probably a lot more.

Details to be worked out but if you are willing to sponsor us please get in touch to pledge your support. The event is organised by the Coventry Leofric Lions and their web page can be read at –
Coventry Walkathon 2011

For those that use facebook, there is a new event so please spread the word – link on the right!

Telephone : 02476 268073
Email Pledge

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20th February 2011

Mog has made some progress during the last 24 hours. He is able to lap up some liquivite, a highly nutritious slop and also (latest feed) help in the cleaning up process by washing down his chest. He is even more aware of his surroundings. His eyes are no longer staring out but he still has no sight in them.

Now that we have a facebook page all further bulletins about him will be reported on that – see the link on the right.

Laura and Ashley went to Sharon yesterday so that they could spend more time socialising them and I could spend more time with Mog.

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19th February 2011

I was called out at 2am with reports of an Black cat in a RTA in Earlsdon yesterday morning. Jill came with me and we found the cat and rushed it to vets now for assessment.
The cat was chipped and the owner contacted and came to see us at the vets.
The Vet advised that initial costs for the cat were an estimated £600 and the owners decided they could not afford this and signed the cat over to us.
Mog spent the rest of the night with them and I took him to Medivet at 8am.

Xrays showed that he had a bad break in a back ankle and also a skull fracture over his sinus on his forehead. The break looks as though it cannot be pinned or cast, so the options open are an external fixation or amputation.
The head wound is potentially more serious and the first night I was worried that he would not make it.
Today he is still looking very concussed and has not yet eaten though seems a bit brighter in himself.

CCG always tell people that cats should be kept in at night. We do this because cats are often involved in RTA’s at night when the roads are quieter. They roam more at night and when crossing roads are harder to see.
If the cat is fortunate to survive the initial accident and manage to make its way home, then an emergency vet service is very expensive.
No one wants to face this situation. The choice whether to put money before the life of a beloved pet. Also recouperation can be slow and is hard work for the cat and owners.

Cat insurance is getting more expensive now as it matches fees charged by vets but if you only have one or two pets it is definitely worth shopping around. The other option is a savings fund or even a special credit card only to be used in an emergency situation.

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11th February 2011

Laura and Ashley

These two five month old female kittens were dumped in Coventry and are now with us. There is an increasing amount of this going on in this area and we need to try and stop it. So if anyone knows of anyone who has had some cats recently that look like these two please get in touch.
At 5 months old these little girls are old enough to get pregnant. They are both very timid as they have not been handled properly and had we not taken them in, then this summer would have had their first litter of kittens and the whole sage of misery we had to cope with last year with sick and dying kittens would have started again…

No doubt acquired as christmas presents for some badly behaved children, these two will now need a quiet home with understanding owners who will have the time to bring them on.

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8th January 2011

Our December 2010 newsletter has now gone online. Check out the drop down tabs on the News section.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.

If you are looking for new challenges this year then consider volunteering with us! As well as fosterers we also need people to do some of the admin work associated with the running of a registered charity.

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4th November 2010

Well now the first of the series has been aired I can say that we have been involved with MaverickTV, Channel 4 and their new series Animal Madhouse.
During the summer months we have been filming with Sooty and his little behavioural problem, My own cat Ginge and his weight problem and have also provided some of the cats and kittens for filming. All in all we have spent several days filming, it will be interesting to see how much makes it!

Animal madhouse is aired on C4 on wednesday at 8pm and runs for 6 weeks and can also be seen on 4OD.

C4 Animal madhouse

Homing is still quite slow so the website is only slightly out of date – I am awaiting photos and it will be updated shortly.

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12th September 2010

Finally! Site updated with most of our cats – a few more photos to go on.

Sorry, for the delay, but I have been busy battling for the lives of several of the kittens we have had in, sadly losing 6 of them over the last couple of months. (see Romeo and Dawn on the adoption pages).

Romeo, Juliet and Dawn are all friendly cats who had owners. Sadly, they were not kept in until neutered and we have been left trying to help them.

This year has seen an even busier year than last (we always say that but it is always true!) and on top of the number of cats and kittens we have seen a huge rise in the amount of illnesses – a trend seen by rescues all over the country.

Please Neuter, Vaccinate and Microchip. We appreciate things are tight this year but there is no excuse not to!

What sort of country do you want to live in?
One that calls in “rentokill” to kill cats?
Or one that can control the cat populations in a humane way?
Belgium are introducing a new law to ensure all cats are neutered and registered and to make the advertising of kittens illegal in shops and freeads.

Cats protection is once again running a neutering campaign and can be reached on 024 76251491 for people who really cannot afford to pay for neutering costs. Neutering is a lot cheaper than raising a litter of kittens – especially if they then need vet intervention (We have spent about £1000 on Romeo, Juliet and Dawn and their kittens).
The same goes for vaccinations, a course of antibiotics and eye cream costs as much as a course of vaccinations.
And once you have a healthy cat a microchip will ensure that the cat can be returned to you at an extra £12 or so.
If you cannot afford the £100 to neuter, vaccinate and microchip a cat then you should really think about not adopting one.

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5th July 2010

We had a nice two days at the Godiva Festival and managed to raise nearly £100. So thank you if you were there.

Around the fundraising we were busy trapping and managed to catch a mum and her four kittens. The last kitten was a bit elusive but we got them all back together last night.


We also caught a young male (left) who was following mum, he went straight to the vets and came back minus a couple of bits.
Sadly he is also FIV+ so we will have mum tested in case he is the father and has passed this to her. His face is quite scarred so he may have contracted this is a fight as FIV is usually passed by deep bites or mating, both of which he will now be less inclined to do.

Early days for this lot as they need some socialising though both Romeo and Juliet are happy to be stroked, the kittens are still shell shocked at present. Don’t know what sex they are but have 3 male and 3 female names lined up!

juliet and family

Luckily these were caught before a colony of cats developed so we are thankful for being informed about them. Even more surprising, we had available space to take them in. Normally, the best we can offer is TNR (Trap, neuter, return) where the cats are returned to the place they came from, and even that depends on if someone has some time available to trap them.
Romeo and Juliet must have been around humans at some point so whether they have been abandoned or lost we can only guess.
Either way, kittens should not be allowed out of the house until they have been neutered, its the only way to prevent problems like these 4 little beauties.

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26th June 2010

Updating the website has begun at last! Have update some of the kittens we have in today.

Emily has resigned as our fundraiser and the fundraising Facebook page is now inactive. We have a stall at the Godiva festival on the 3rd and 4th of July so please come and say hello!

We have now joined ADCH (Association of Dog and Cat Homes) as an Associate Member. This will give us access to a network of other animal rescues where we can seek advice. The membership fee (£25) was kindly paid by Pedigree as part of their support from the 2010 Pedigree Adoption Drive.

Nicky our Treasurer is poorly so has relinquished the role of treasurer and we hope that she soon recovers enough to take it back. Our 2009 accounts are currently being ‘audited’.

We are also applying for Gift Aid status to enable us to reclaim tax back on donations. First attempt has resulted in the forms being returned as incomplete – second attempt coming shortly!

Homing has been very slow over the past few months and we are having to refuse more and more cats as we have no spare space.

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27th May 2010

Website is totally out of date , please ring for information. Will update when time permits.

We also have kittens ready.

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13th Jan 2010

Sadly, Mel, one of our fosterers has given notice that she intends to step down and will only take on temporary caring. We are sad that she is going but has homed 65 cats over the past 5 years.
It also means we lose another 4 foster cat places and are in more need of new fosterers, so please get in touch if you are interested.

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17th December 2009

We now have a camera so the website is now up to date, though missing a picture or 2. To make up for the missing picture we have now published our December newsletter on line. Just hover your mouse over the news tab above and then click!

Last weekend we received a call about a stray with a broken leg. £300 vets bill and 2 days later, the mystery was resolved, the cat had a birth defect that made it look like a broken leg. The owner came forward and now has him back. Sadly not a donation for our time and effort, even though we also had him microchipped to ensure that next time he was picked up he would be able to get straight back to his owner! Shows the importance of microchipping – even if the cat is a ‘mainly indoor cat’.

We are in the Lower Precinct next tuesday and Wednesday doing a present wrap and Tombola – come and say hello!

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8th December

A technical hitch has meant that we cannot load any new cats on the webpage. (Actually I broke my camera when I last tried to take some photos for the site and will now be waiting for Santa).
We do have a few newbies in.

Our newsletter has now been sent out and will be appearing on the website in the New Year.

Judith currently has a nasty cat virus which means that all her foster cats and kittens are ‘in isolation’ (We don’t visit any more!) and at the moment Judith is not allowing any viewings. The other cats in the group are unaffected.

Emily, our fundraising officer has several dates booked running up to Christmas in Coventry and Nuneaton – details on fund raising page.

Our next meeting is this Friday 11th December.

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20th October

The group has now been dragged onto Facebook by some of the younger more I.T savvy members. There are two groups, one specifically for fundraiser. See Links.

We continue to have many cats and kittens in for adoption.

Rumour has it our new editor is ready to publish her first newsletter.

The next group meeting is on Fri 23rd October.

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4th October

Last week saw two new mums and litters into the group. We are all very busy still with kittens, some of which are ready to home now. The youngest are one of the litters that came in last week as they were newborn and are less than a week old.

In between feeding kittens I have been tweaking with the site hoping to make it easier to use. If you have any suggestions please get in touch.
Last Wednesday we attended a volunteering day at Coventry University to try and recruit people to help with the up and coming fund raising events. We got a few volunteers signed up and also a couple of kitten cuddlers to help with socializing.

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9th August

This week we took in a stray pregnant tabby (very much like Bertha below) and she gave birth on Tuesday to 4 kittens, 3 tabbies and a black/white one!
We also received a called from Willenhall about a black and white mum cat and her 5 1-week old kittens found in a shed.

Bruce and George came in as unwanted older kittens of an unneutered female. They and their mum are now on our adoption pages.
Picture 006

At the other end of the scale we took in Sooty,a black 14 year old cat whose Owner had died and the family were now in the States and did not feel it was fair to move him.
Also, an 18-year old cat whose owner phoned us up yesterday because she was emigrating THAT DAY (and when I went to fetch him was sitting in an empty house!). ‘Fluff’ was really lucky that we took him in, his owner had been told ‘just to put him outside’ which apart from anything else is illegal and comes with a hefty fine and/or prison sentence. No donation towards his care or initial medical check ups, he came in a bare carrier with no blanket. Sorry, but REALLY! what was his owner thinking about! Did she really mean those tears she was crying?

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28th July

Our latest arrivals – mum came to us on Sunday via the RSPCA and gave birth to 5 kittens yesterday

Lets hope that these manage to find good homes when they are old enough. We still have many kittens that we need to find homes for.

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5th July

We still need homes for quite a few kittens currently being fostered. There have been so many kittens around this year, sadly the neutering message is still not getting though to people.
Cats do not need to have a litter of kittens, there is no physical or psychological need. For every kitten born, there is one less home available for the thousands of cats in care and many more thousands that the rescue groups are too full to help.

If you love cats and want to help then make sure your cat is neutered, don’t buy a new kitten and encourage the increasing number of people making money on the back of ‘breeding’ – get your new cat from a rescue instead.

This video was made by a member of the purrs community to thank all the rescues on the forum for the effort we put in to helping those we can help.


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22nd July

We have had such a hard time in the group over the last 2 weeks. Rescues are places of great happiness and great sadness.


Poor little Portia was signed over to us in a very bad condition and died at the vets after spending a week there.
lady web

Lady died last night after fitting for the last week. Also three of of resident oldies have died – “old Boy” with a nasty mouth cancer gently put to sleep when he could no longer eat, Tigar from a bad heart and Ellie from a stroke.

We also lost a young semi-feral mum who came in two days before giving birth to 5 sickly kittens. Sadly the whole family died at the vets.

RIP to you all, you all deserved happier lives. Play hard at the Bridge.

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