Have you got what it takes to care for cats until they find a forever home?

Fostering – What is it?
Fostering is taking a needy cat or kitten temporarily into your home. You would ensure they had the care and love until they were placed in a permanent home. We cannot guarantee how long a foster cat may be with you – it may be a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years! However, by taking in the animals that need your help rather than allowing your own to have a litter or two, you become part of the solution to the current pet overpopulation problem.

Foster families are needed
We are fortunate to have a small rescue centre but most of our rescue cats are housed with fosterers. There are always more cats in our care than cattery pen spaces, and so we are very reliant on our fosterers, especially in the summer when trying to cope with pregnant cats and kittens.

Some cats don’t cope well being in a rescue pen, and start to become stressed, especially if they have been there for some time. Other cats or kittens have been stray for a while and need socialising as they may not be used to living with people. The fosterer bridges the gap between a stray, frightened cat and a cat who is friendly and at ease, and ready for a new home.

If you are prepared to foster older cats or those with medical or special needs, we would love to hear from you, as some of the cats who come to us are more difficult to rehome.

An opportunity for everyone
Fostering is an opportunity for everyone to “do the right” thing for the homeless animals. You can be proud in the knowledge that you are helping needy cats until their forever home is found.

All fosterers get their food, litter and vet expenses paid for the cats in their care. Cats are fostered inside.

All fosterers must

  • have access to the internet (we communicate by email/ facebook)
  • be able to take photos of charges and send regular update for our webpage
  • be able to drive and have access to a car
  • have a spare room to keep the foster cat(s) seperate from any family pets
  • live in Coventry

Please contact us if you are interested in fostering for Coventry Cat Group

Email Volunteer Co-ordinator