Ways to help us:

There are lots of different ways that you can make a donation to support our work! We are always in need of donations, and every penny is put to good use. Coventry Cat Group is run entirely by volunteers, and receives no funding, even though we can spend up to £40,000 a year helping to rescue cats, treat them, and find them new owners.

Donations are used to pay for:

  • General cat care – food, litter, bedding, toys, equipment etc
  • Maintenance and heating of the cattery pens
  • Vets bills, neutering, vaccinations
  • Microchipping of all our cats
  • Feeding colonies of feral cats

Follow the links below to start donating:

1 ) One-off or regular donations
2 ) Donate & Shop
3 ) How your shopping can help us
4 ) Become a member of Coventry Cat Group!
5) Payroll Giving – Donate as you earn
6) Leaving a legacy
7 ) Can your workplace help?
8) Corporate Sponsorship